Prevent Reconnaissance and Stop Lateral Movement.

Contain attackers and make their targets invisible. An attacker can’t discover what they can’t see, and likewise can’t attack without a target. Cryptonite NXT eliminates an adversary’s network visibility and reduces their attack surface, without sacrificing performance or transparency to your users.

Find out why Cryptonite NXT is the smarter way to defend your network.

Cryptonite NXT's software-defined segmentation uniquely:


Spoofing & Lateral Movement


About Cryptonite

Our goal is to help enterprises regain the upper hand against attackers, by providing a platform that addresses fundamental weaknesses in today’s networks.

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The smarter way to defend your network

Download our whitepaper: The smarter way to defend your network, and learn how Cryptonite NXT protects your network and keeps your critical information secure.


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