Moving Target Cyber Defense

Contain attackers and make their targets invisible. An attacker can’t discover what they can’t see, and likewise can’t attack without a target. CryptoniteNXT eliminates an adversary’s network visibility and reduces their attack surface, without sacrificing performance or transparency to your users.

Find out why CryptoniteNXT is the smarter way to defend your network.

Inoculate Your Network and Stop Attacks Early

“[Moving Target Defense] is becoming more widely known now as a preventative approach that deflects attacks at very early stages … not many alternatives exist this early in the attack chain”

Gartner, Technical Professional Advice
(Beyond Detection: 5 Core Security Patterns to Prevent Highly Evasive Attacks)


How Does CryptoniteNXT Uniquely Prevent Reconnaissance and Stop Lateral Movement?

Prevent Reconnaissance

Stop Lateral Movement

Contain Cyberattackers & Insider Threats

About Cryptonite

Cryptonite is a leader in Moving Target Cyber Defense. CryptoniteNXT enables any network to actively shield itself from cyberattacks by preventing all attacker reconnaissance and limiting lateral movement. The Cryptonite customer base includes leading commercial and government customers around the world.

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Introduction to Moving Target Cyber Defense (MTD) for CISOs

Download our whitepaper: Introduction to Moving Target Cyber Defense (MTD) for CISOs, and learn how CryptoniteNXT protects the critical vulnerability use cases in your networks.

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