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Fix long standing network security problems with easy-to-use agentless protection that fills gaps in policy and works on your terms.

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Adding security to your network should create fewer problems for your organization, not more. You don’t have the time or information available to hand feed network security. Leaving underlying aspects of your network unprotected leaves your organization exposed. A rigid solution leaves too many of your devices vulnerable. There must be a better way.
Discover how CryptoniteNXT eases your organization into a more secure posture that feels as familiar as it does refreshing.

Fix long-standing network security problems.

Today’s networks are built on top of naïve security assumptions from the 1980s. Seriously. CryptoniteNXT helps contain attacks by disrupting the tactics that exploit these assumptions. By taking the attacker’s favorite tools out of their toolbox, CryptoniteNXT offers protection against categories of attacks that perimeter defense and firewall policy alone can’t.

Credential Theft

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Stop chasing the myth of perfect policy.

Your organization will be secure as soon as your firewall policy is perfectly configured. – record scratch, freeze frame – "You’re probably wondering how I got here." Reality check time! Perfect policy doesn’t exist, now what? CryptoniteNXT’s advanced Moving Target Defense works with your policy to plug holes before they are found and exploited. Bad guys can’t exploit what they can’t find, and they can’t find what they can’t see. Plus, if they try they’ll stand out like a sore thumb. CryptoniteNXT’s Moving Target Defense turns out the lights on bad guys by adding a layer of operational security to your network. At the same time, your team ends up with more visibility than before.
People fighting to patch a leaking pipe
"How did we get here?"

Compatibility with existing devices and networks.

CryptoniteNXT exists in your network alongside your current switches and access points. Any IPv4 or IPv6 capable device can be connected and protected. No agents needed. Many other solutions require software agents or expensive network infrastructure upgrades. CryptoniteNXT saves time and money by working with your existing investments.
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Security that works on your terms.

Achieve cost savings and faster time to value with security that is easy to use. Instead of unmanageable solutions that require a team of specialized people, CryptoniteNXT works with you to understand your network and increase security in a way that aligns with your priorities.

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