Efficiently maintain visibility and control on-premise.

Simplify IT support and keep your organization working with easy to use micro-segmentation, Zero Trust, and Moving Target Defense for on-premise users and equipment.

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We’ve all become accustomed to the troubleshooting, visibility, and security capabilities of VPNs. For on-premise networks, time and money is still wasted trying to navigate a tangle of security policies in the dark. Your organization’s security is put on hold for a major re-architecting that may never come. Until then, workarounds are cobbled together that become a drag on your organization’s efficiency and risk leaving your organization at a stand still. The overall cost of downtime within just one industry exceeded $40 billion in 2021.*
CryptoniteNXT provides the visibility to quickly orient yourself and the granular control needed to configure micro-segmentation policies. Apply security that follows your users on-premise for Zero Trust segmentation. Give your IT staff the time and ability to keep your organization secure. Increased IT productivity means less downtime and more flexibility for your business. Increased security reduces the pressure on your organization’s budget to replace older systems.
Security is NOT too hard or too expensive for your organization. 35% of organizations have already deployed zero trust security. A mature zero trust deployment has been shown to reduce the costs of a data breach by over 42%*. Stop sinking time and energy into the old way. Protect your network with CryptoniteNXT and never look back.
* per IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021

Use visibility to ease troubleshooting.

CryptoniteNXT allows you to quickly see basic attributes, monitor activity levels, and understand where devices are connected. This unparalleled visibility saves time and gives admins the confidence to troubleshoot problems in real time. Don’t waste time investigating the wrong device or switching between multiple tools to narrow down the problem.

Rapidly fix connectivity when "It’s not working"

Quickly confirm whether the user’s device is actually initiating the traffic and if policy is the problem. CryptoniteNXT enabled policy changes with the help of automated suggestions. Then quickly confirm changes have taken effect and close the support ticket faster than you thought possible.

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Rapid deployment and onboarding.

New devices and users receive default access levels and/or automatic grouping based on LDAP. Discover and confirm new devices with just a few clicks. No guessing involved. Let BYOD or other transient devices access only the internet with no extra work.

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Visualize and understand complex policy.

Multiple aided views provide insight into current policy usage. Answer questions like "Is this policy being used? By what?" Start with connectivity first then create policy based on logical groups and roles, not IP or location. Since perfect policy can be impractical, CryptoniteNXT’s advanced Moving Target Defense technology works automatically behind the scenes to plug holes on how the network operates and add a layer of security on top of your policy.