Let the network mitigate vulnerabilities.

Extend the useful life of your systems and manage your security posture in an agile way that doesn’t disrupt your organization.

Most networks have out of date legacy devices and unpatched vulnerabilities. IoT, OT, and BYOD have the same problem. Patching quickly and completely is not easy and disrupts your organization. Many of the systems can’t run endpoint protection agents. Being forced to make these tradeoffs locks your organization into a lose-lose situation where your budget and productivity must face off against your security. The odds are not good. In 2021 alone, over 13,000 facilities were crippled by ransomware*.

Guard legacy devices.

Legacy devices have unique challenges due to incomplete documentation and lack of manufacturer updates. Replacement is expensive and disruptive, but these devices represent a security risk. CryptoniteNXT allows legacy devices to be connected to the network with flexible control over access. See what the devices are doing, lock down unnecessary access, and protect these devices from themselves and others.

CryptoniteNXT provides much needed agility for your business that enables you to put a barrier of protection around any wired or wireless IP-capable device. Extend the useful life of your systems and otherwise mitigate risk by easily limiting access. A mature zero trust deployment reduces the average cost of a data breach by over $1.7 million*.

Can’t patch a system this week due to a customer deadline, or have a particular service with frequent vulnerabilities? Easily configure policy to lock it down for all but the necessary access and have peace of mind to refocus effort on more important problems.

* per IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021

Agentless protection on-premise.

Agents are a pain and aren’t feasible on IoT, OT, and BYOD devices. Key parts of most organizations exist on-premise. CryptoniteNXT fills the gap to protect any IP-enabled on premise equipment with a layer of security that malware can’t disable. Easily onboard new devices, observe traffic patterns, and quickly secure the network and devices you have.

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Wireless Security.

How do you protect wireless devices in a way that makes users happy? CryptoniteNXT allows easy integration to wireless authentication to tie identity to traffic as it enters the network. Give users customized policy for their unique use cases without a management hassle.

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Mitigate Vulnerabilities.

Let’s be honest. Some vulnerabilities can’t be patched immediately. CryptoniteNXT enables you to see who is accessing a particular service and block anyone else to mitigate the risk until you are able to patch. Easily customize exposure as needed.