Level up existing network switches.

Minimize disruption with a network that gives you the confidence to stop and respond to attacks.

There are millions of deployed network switches that lack security, visibility, and other advanced features. Throwing them away is too expensive. At the same time, the interior of networks can’t be left unprotected. When security and connectivity are left coupled together in a rigid network architecture, the ability to enforce security is limited. Responding to attacks or even making a simple change becomes an exercise in orienting yourself when it is too late and often results in significant delays and disruption to an organization.

Focus on connectivity, then security.

Your existing switches provide connectivity and represent a large investment. CryptoniteNXT lets you kick their clunky interfaces and controls to the curb by layering security on top of your existing network infrastructure. Convert your dusty old switches into the world of visibility, security, and easy management with a few configuration changes. Your switches keep carrying traffic like they were designed and everyone stays secure. That’s a win-win.

CryptoniteNXT enables you to save money and time by simply enhancing, rather than replacing, network switches. Focus on connectivity first and then add security to the lowest levels of your network without a rip and replace deployment.

Your organization can continue to operate during an attack with always-on mitigation and simple quarantine options. A data breach is active on average 287 days* before detection so CryptoniteNXT provides mitigation BEFORE an attack is known. Easy onboarding and secure role-based access control (RBAC) keeps your VLANs safe. Get the benefit of always-on protection that uniquely disrupts scanning and discovery to strengthen your security posture.

* per IBM Securty’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021

It’s all about visibility.

If you can’t see, you can’t act. Many networks don’t know what is connected or what they are doing. CryptoniteNXT changes that by working with your switches to create an asset inventory, make traffic visible, and then guide you in improving security. What a device is, who is hogging the network, and where things are connected – that’s all just as important as what the current security policies are.

Role-based Access Control.

Making sense of IPs, numbers, and switch ports is tiring. With CryptoniteNXT all policy is defined around what a device is. Automatically import groups via integrations or LDAP. Create groups based on suggestions and search results. Once key groups are created, simply add a new device or user to that group and you’re done. It doesn’t matter where the device is, policy follows automatically.

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Control the diagonal.

Most other solutions lack granularity at the lowest levels. CryptoniteNXT enables arbitrary policy for traffic within the same subnet. Allow a key use case between two adjacent devices but block the rest. Slice and dice subnets and VLANs to isolate devices however your organizations’ needs demand without actually changing your network’s underlying connectivity.

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Simplify Network Access Control.

CryptoniteNXT provides a unified way to view inventory and perform network access control. This combined approach allows a variety of deployment options including simple “it just works” onboarding, integration to WPA2 for easily customized wireless segmentation, or full 802.1X integration depending on your needs. Provide default internet-only access for devices and easily adjust the policy of each endpoint with full visibility.