Beat and contain ransomware by stopping attacks early.

Maintain your customers’ trust with a ransomware solution that mitigates the spread of an attack and reduces the risk of downtime after an attack.

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When a ransomware attack happens, the ransomware can easily spread once inside your on-premise network. With ransomware, network scanning happens quickly and your organization can be taken over before you have time to detect and respond. Fully segmenting and patching your systems to stop ransomware isn’t easy. This situation creates an ever present risk to your organization. A single ransomware incident on average results in 16 days of downtime at a cost that can exceed $112 million.*

Protect the inside of your network.

A firewall only sees traffic that crosses between subnets, leaving “east-west” traffic unmonitored and unfiltered.
CryptoniteNXT is a ransomware solution that protects lower, covering all internal traffic and protocols. Other solutions are cumbersome and lack easy, granular policy. CryptoniteNXT’s policies selectively allow traffic at the granularity that works for your organization while keeping devices at arms length from each other to prevent ransomware from spreading.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) produced National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 1800-25, Identifying and Protecting Assets Against Ransomware and Other Destructive Events. CryptoniteNXT is one of the collaborating vendors in developing this document that contains a reference design, insights, and best practices to prevent ransomware, stop ransomware from spreading, and otherwise increase your organization’s protection against ransomware.
As a government organization, NIST does not endorse CryptoniteNXT or any other vendor’s specific solution.
Would you rather stop ransomware from spreading early on or have a large part of your organization wiped out? What would your customers prefer? How quickly can your IT staff see and stop ransomware’s network access? CryptoniteNXT’s ransomware solution enables you to remove the open nature of your internal network while easily maintaining flexibility where you need it. Maintain customer trust and mitigate risk.
Define internal network policy with the help of visibility. Get the benefit of always-on protection that disrupts scanning and discovery to help when policy is not 100% perfect. See and prevent scanning activity and other behaviors that are otherwise missed. Mitigate your risk during the average of 212 days a data breach goes undetected. A mature zero trust deployment reduces the average cost of a breach by over $1.7m*.
* per IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021

Act with confidence.

Many organizations want to prevent ransomware but are paralyzed by a lack of understanding of their own network and a fear of breaking something. The last thing someone wants to is have to try to stop ransomware in the middle of an attack. CryptoniteNXT can be deployed rapidly to give insight into what is in your network and what your devices are doing. Policies and groups created with this guidance can be tested in “monitor mode” where denies are recorded but not actually blocked. Once you’re comfortable, turn on enforcement and refine at your pace. Mitigating ransomware doesn’t need drastic changes to your network.

What people are saying about CryptoniteNXT

Imperfect policy? That’s normal.

Worried about how you could possibly define everything allowed in your network? CryptoniteNXT’s always-on moving target defense disrupts scanning, reconnaissance, spoofing, and other attack vectors by finally solving long standing network design issues. This extra, patented layer uniquely mitigates the risk of policy letting things slip through. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

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Security, not Alerts.

You don’t need more work and more alerts. A ransomware solution that only provides alerts won’t help your organization stop ransomware’s network activity before significant spread occurs. You shouldn’t be expected to properly react immediately. CryptoniteNXT enforces policy and blocks low level techniques in every attackers’ tool box. Yes, events will be shown and optionally sent to your SIEM, but that’s not the point. The traffic is stopped. When traffic is stopped, the ransomware’s corresponding exploits generally can’t even be sent, so you can act on your timeframe. By always isolating devices as much as possible, the urgency for you to act on time to stop ransomware is reduced.