Moving Target Defense (MTD)

Rather than allowing a protected endpoint or a malicious device to see the real network, CryptoniteNXT transforms the endpoint’s view of the network into a dynamic, abstract structure, in effect making the once static network into a dynamic moving target. Normal legitimate traffic is unaffected by MTD. More importantly, administration is actually simplified because of the huge increase in visibility. The network now tracks much more information. The separation of connectivity and security allows you to focus on one problem at a time. MTD acts as an extra layer of protection on top of your security policy. CryptoniteNXT can simultaneously severely restrict their ability to collect actionable information about the network or masquerade as another legitimate endpoint.

Thus, MTD substantially decreases management costs and simultaneously increases the time, effort, and risk necessary to establish or maintain a presence in a network. The attacker is unable to act decisively on network information and cannot spoof legitimate information. The attacker becomes prone to mistakes and more easily detectable by monitoring tools.