CryptoniteNXT proactively shields your network from an attack.

Scanning and other forms of network discovery is ineffective.

Attackers become frustrated and the tools they developed or purchased are rendered useless, keeping your enterprise secure.

Network resources are protected from illegitimate access.  

Attempts to misuse credentials, escalate privileges, and bypass network controls are ineffective
in a network protected by CryptoniteNXT.

Network topology is unusable in the planning of an attack.

Network topology discovered before or after the installation of CryptoniteNXT is not actionable information for purposes of planning an attack.

CryptoniteNXT masks the visibility of vulnerabilities.

CryptoniteNXT reduces the need to frantically identify and patch system vulnerabilities.

Attackers can’t use spoofing to collect network information and credentials.

CryptoniteNXT defends your network from attackers impersonating the identity of legitimate endpoints.

Software-defined segmentation prevents an attack from laterally moving through your network.

Malicious activity has no opportunity to leave endpoints. The network is shielded from the spread of an attack and detection systems now have time to detect and remove malware.

CryptoniteNXT stops attacks automatically, and in real-time.

Attacks are stopped without human intervention and CryptoniteNXT captures detailed information regarding the failed attempts and forwards that information to your security team for further investigation.