CryptoniteNXT removes an adversary’s ability to execute entire categories of tactics which are used to target high vulnerability environments.


Prevent Reconnaissance

Stop Lateral Movement

Contain Cyberattackers & Insider Threats


Overdue Software Updates and Patches

Statistics suggest that unpatched software may be the #1 source of exploits for cyber attackers. According to US-CERT “cyber threat actors continue to exploit unpatched software to conduct attacks against critical infrastructure organizations. As many as 85 percent of targeted attacks are preventable.” The key to exploiting missing updates and security patches is to first find them. Attackers must navigate the network, move laterally, discover and then exploit out of date software. CryptoniteNXT Net Guard does not allow reconnaissance and CryptoniteNXT Micro Shield severely restricts attacker lateral movement. Instead of being exposed to potentially dozens of vulnerabilities, the attacker is contained at the originally infected endpoint without the visibility to see unpatched vulnerabilities.


Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Internet of Things devices represents a new and rapidly expanding area of risk and vulnerability to business networks. It is estimated that by 2020, over 25% of cyber attacks will involve IoT devices, yet less than 10% of security budgets will account for IoT. Standard defense-in-depth cybersecurity software does not protect IoT devices. A CryptoniteNXT Zero Trust environment enables you to bring in new IoT devices without worrying about the liability inherent in your installed base. If the attacker cannot find these targets, see the network, nor move laterally within it, the attack is effectively over.


Mobile Devices

Smartphones are the newest and biggest risk area. They are attractive to cybercriminals because of the many millions in use and because they present a wealth of attack vectors. As smartphone and tablet use grows, hackers are discovering and documenting every possible way to break through mobile security. In cooperation with Mobile security solutions such as HPE’s Aruba Networks, CryptoniteNXT takes mobile security at the edge of networks and securely extends it across the entire network while also preventing adversary reconnaissance and lateral movement using moving target cyber defense technology. As before, attackers cannot perform reconnaissance, and they cannot move laterally between other mobile or wired endpoints and servers.




Embedded Processors in Turnkey Devices

Embedded processors in turnkey devices are often found to have out-of-date and unpatched operating systems. These devices are part of turnkey systems that are almost always closed, as in the case of medical devices, many automated teller and cash machines, some old network printers, and in large deployments of industrial control systems. With CryptoniteNXT Zero Trust, embedded processors with older operating systems can no longer be discovered. They are effectively invisible. Even if an attacker has enumerated the network prior to the installation of the CryptoniteNXT platform and has obtained the specific IP of the target, that IP address will not work in a CryptoniteNXT Zero Trust environment and the device will remain safe.




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